Should I Hire a Lawyer For a Car Accident in Downey, CA?

After even a minor car accident, you may be scared, confused, and stressed about what comes next. Fortunately, you’re not alone when you enlist the assistance of a car accident lawyer. Some car accident victims think that they don’t "need" a lawyer because the accident wasn’t that serious, but the reality is that their chances of recovering damages in a car accident claim that's fair is greater when they have a car accident attorney on their side. Here are five reasons why hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer for a car accident in Downey is an option that shouldn't be overlooked.

Lawyers Know the Law

First and foremost, when you hire a car accident lawyer, you are gaining expert legal advice and assistance from a qualified legal team that knows how to handle every aspect of a car accident case. They are experienced in dealing with police reports, how to determine fault, and so much more. They spent years in law school learning all about practice areas like car accident law, followed by several years of actually practicing as an accident attorney. They will be able to use their knowledge and expertise to help you get the outcome that you deserve, even if your case is complex or there’s a question of fault, for example. Accident attorneys are experienced in:

  • State and federal legal process guidelines
  • Accident laws
  • Insurance coverage laws and practices
  • Determining and proving fault
  • Assessing injuries and damages
  • Working with insurance companies

Car accidents usually account for most personal injury claims that are filed by accident victims and an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in car accidents will be well-versed in all areas of the law. They might even be able to help you get more out of your insurance claim because they know things you didn’t think about, such as if you’re owed lost wages because you missed work due to accident injuries, future medical bills for ongoing treatments, or they can help you find the resources you need to prove you weren’t at fault.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Explain Everything

In addition to knowing the legalities and the details of a car accident settlement, they’re also great at imparting that knowledge to their clients. When you’re dealing will stress after an accident, it can be confusing to try to keep up with everything that’s going on. A dedicated car accident lawyer will ensure that you know what’s next, what to expect, and how your case is going to proceed. They can even explain how insurance companies determine settlements and educate you on any elements of your case that you don’t understand.

Lawyers Know How to Negotiate

Car accident lawyers are masters at negotiating. Some victims mistakenly accept the first settlement that they’re offered by the insurance company, assuming that it’s the best they can get. Few people realize that they can (and should) argue for a better settlement. When the defendant is an insurance company, you have a formidable opponent. They are always looking out for themselves first and foremost, so they will often lowball settlements in the hopes that people will take them without realizing they can get (and are probably owed) much more.

With a lawyer on your side, you won’t have to worry about getting low-balled or having to take less than you deserve. A qualified lawyer won’t rest until you get the outcome that you deserve, including the settlement amount that is fair and reasonable based on the circumstances of your accident claim. Car accident claims are generally higher when a lawyer is involved.

Help Obtain Fair Compensation

When insurance companies settle after an accident, they’re usually trying to do so for the least possible amount. Therefore, they’ll often call victims and offer them just enough to cover their medical expenses or damages and leave it there. People feel inclined to accept the offer, not knowing they can counter it. In other instances, victims are too stressed or don’t have the energy to fight the insurance companies.

You’re dealing with a lot and you don’t need one more thing—most of the time, people just want the accident claim process to be finished. Don’t rush to settle, though, because hiring a lawyer can alleviate the stress and still get you what you deserve.

Escalating Claims and Future Needs

A car accident lawyer is also going to be valuable to you when claims need to be escalated to trial when settlements don’t work out or circumstances change in the case related to the injuries and damages, fault, and so forth. For example, if you’ve discovered that the driver was grossly negligent, meaning they showcased deliberate and reckless regard for the safety and wellbeing of others, your lawyer might want to help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the individual to hold them accountable for even more compensation and responsibility than you can get with a standard personal injury claim.

In your search for legal help for your accident and injuries, you'll find that most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations to assess your incident and determine whether you have a case to recover damages.

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