7 Signs You Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Trucking Accident

No matter how careful you are on the road, you can never account for other drivers. Studies show that over 30% of fatal wrecks involved trucks and often included more than one truck. A trucking accident is much more complex than your average car accident.

Most car drivers can settle disputes on their own. However, in a truck wreck, you’re going against a trucking company. So if you were recently involved in a trucking accident, prepare yourself for legal action. Here are seven signs you need to hire a lawyer after a truck accident.


1. You Were Injured in the Trucking Accident

While truck accidents only comprise a small percentage of total road accidents, the impact is often more severe. Semi-trucks, big rigs, tractor-trailers, and other commercial trucks are the largest vehicles on the road and cause more significant damage.

People involved in trucking accidents sustain major injuries that require extensive treatment. In worse cases, these injuries are permanent. That’s why it’s crucial to get medical treatment immediately after a trucking accident.

Trucking accidents tend to have larger settlement amounts because they are more destructive. A truck accident lawyer can get you in touch with a physician who understands these injuries well. With a lawyer and medical professional by your side, you can build a stronger case against the driver and company.


2. Financial Standing Is Being Affected

Injury is more than enough cause to seek the help of a truck accident attorney. However, because of the destructive nature of truck accidents, your worries will extend past a medical checkup. There’s a high chance of needing ongoing treatment following a car accident.

Some people cannot work due to the severity of their injuries. Insurance adjusters will try to devalue your claim or undermine your doctor. They may also pressure you to accept their offer, claiming it’s the most you’ll be able to recover, even if it is much less than you deserve.

Getting legal support from a truck accident attorney will be crucial. Your attorney will look out for you and help you recover lost wages.


3. The Truck Company Is Taking Advantage of You

Most people are not familiar with the legal system as it pertains to personal injury cases. In fact, based on a report, only 29% of people involved in legal cases understand the nature of their situation.

Again, because trucking companies work with lawyers and large insurance companies, they will try to exploit you in a weakened state so that they can protect the trucking company. The insurance company and their lawyers will do everything possible to avoid paying a large settlement.

Fighting against the trucking company will be difficult without a lawyer of your own. You need a lawyer experienced in the nature of trucking accidents to get the most out of your case.


4. The Insurance Company Is Not Being Helpful

Insurance companies seldom have your best interest in mind. Therefore, it’s not unheard of for insurance companies to deny claims or lowball settlements so they can close the case quickly and avoid losing more money.

Insurance adjusters will nitpick your case and find any reason not to pay. If the trucking company’s insurance provider refuses to pay what you are owed, then, you will need legal representation.

A truck accident lawyer will take your claim to court and ensure you get the settlement you deserve. Hiring an attorney can protect your rights and prevent insurance companies from giving you trouble.


5. An In-Depth Investigation Has Not Been Conducted

The cause of trucking accidents can be more complex than how car accidents occur. Most car accidents happen due to negligence and recklessness, like human error, speeding, or distracted driving. However, trucking accidents involve a different set of circumstances.

The size of commercial trucks makes them difficult to maneuver, even more so if they carry heavy cargo. Another common cause of truck accidents is equipment failure. Malfunctions occur when the driver or the company behind them neglects to perform regular maintenance.

In some cases, it could be a manufacturer defect, which means you would have to involve the manufacturer. A regular car accident attorney may not have the experience to deal with the ins and outs of your case.

If the driver or trucking company tries to dispute the blame, a truck accident attorney can investigate and prove which party was, in fact, liable. They will gather the required information, like the truck driver’s driving history, the company’s safety records, licenses and training certificates, and more.


6. The Statute of Limitations Is Running Out

One reason you might look into hiring an attorney is because of the statute of limitations. Many jurisdictions have a time limit on cases such as trucking accidents. You have a deadline after the accident to file everything and get things in motion.

If you delay for too long, it might become too late to start. In California, the statute begins on the date of the truck accident and gives victims two years to file a claim. If action is not taken within that time frame, you will then relinquish your rights to recover compensation.

While you do have two years to file, it’s best to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. If you wait too long, evidence can disappear, witnesses may no longer be available, and the trucking company will have more time to build a defense against your claim.

Therefore, get an attorney involved and discuss your options. Make sure you know any deadlines and how to move ahead if the other party isn’t complying.


7. You’re Dealing With More Than Economic Damages

Dealing with the loss of wages and medical expenses is hard enough. But what if you lost a family member or loved one? Calculating economic damages is fairly straightforward, but it’s a little more complicated to put a price on non-economic damages–the losses that do not have an exact monetary value.

Wrongful death, physical and/or mental pain and suffering, mental trauma, and other intangibles are considered non-economic damages. While more difficult to prove, these types of damages can certainly be compensated.

The figures will vary between cases and your state’s laws. However, a truck accident attorney will get you and your loved one the justice you deserve.


Knowing When to Get a Lawyer After a Trucking Accident

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